Pastor Yolanda R. Huntley. Poised, positioned, and passionate about her walk with Christ, Co-Pastor Huntley is a most gifted and innovative teacher of the Word.

Holding both undergraduate and graduate degrees from Alabama State University in English and certification in Library Media, Co-Pastor Huntley continues to prove herself to be a natural-born educator.

Her passion for helping people excel extends far beyond the borders of the classroom.  Through her work, countless men and women have experienced physical, spiritual, and emotional healing. With an infectious personality, contemplative candor and powerful prayer life, Co-Pastor Huntley is at minimum – compelling.  A woman of great grace, wisdom and strength, she is loved by both her students in the Montgomery County school system, her peers and the body of True Divine Baptist Church.

In addition to her many pastoral duties, Co-Pastor Huntley serves as the Education Coordinator for the ministry which encompasses overseeing and instructing Life Classes, New Membership classes, and is instrumental in leading adult and youth ministry classes. She is the daughter of former Alabama State University football coach Houston Markham and Annie Markham.

Together, with the help of God, Pastor Steven and Co-Pastor Yolanda Huntley are setting a precedence for excellence in ministry, implementing out-the-box evangelism and leading our body in a quest to Impact the Kingdom for the glory of God!