Steven D. Huntley is the senior pastor of the True Divine Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. As mandated by God, Pastor Huntley’s goal is to literally produce believers who excel in life. Pastor Huntley is a vibrant and motivating speaker whose character and conviction have garnered him national visibility. An anointed and gifted preacher, leader, and teacher, Pastor Huntley is known for his down-to-earth, realistic approach to helping believers operate in the fullness of the Christian faith. Through a weekly television broadcast, he delivers an energizing message that’s convicting, relevant, and powerful! His Word from God challenges believers to realize the condition of their spiritual, financial, and physical man and position themselves to fulfill their global responsibilities in the Kingdom of God!

A native of Sylacauga, Alabama, Pastor Huntley became the Senior Pastor of True Divine Baptist Church in November 1995. Under his leadership, the church has grown to over 4,055 members, purchased two different campuses and built one campus. Two of the campuses remain a part of the churches’ net worth. The campuses beautify God’s goodness with over 55 acres and over 90,000 square feet of building space, housing a childcare center, café, restaurant, event center, book store, gymnasium, athletic fields, conference center and much more.

Pastor Huntley is in partnership with Dr. Creflo A. Dollar’s (CDMA) Creflo Dollar Ministerial Association. He is the founder and CEO of SDH Ministries, a Montgomery-based organization that sponsors conferences to shape, sharpen, and strengthen church leadership. The organization also provides support to those seeking to develop non-profit businesses.

The demands of ministry are made easier through the help of his wife of 29 years, Pastor Yolanda R. Huntley. Poised, positioned, and passionate about her walk with Christ, Pastor Huntley is a most gifted and innovative teacher of the Word.