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We are the Young Adult Ministry at True Divine Baptist Church. As we proclaim Jesus the Christ as the head of the church, our goal in the young adult ministry is to heal, lead, and save souls for the kingdom of God and minister beyond the church; by imparting spiritual truths in a practical manner and being a light to others so that it may apply to our everyday lives; and producing a community of young leaders who excel in life.

Excel in Life

Excel in Soul

In the age of social media, we are constantly bombarded with images of success: cars, houses, and lavish vacations. If one is not careful, those images can easily become idols; and while God wants us to enjoy the good life, that good life is defined in Romans 14:17 as having joy and peace in the Holy Ghost. As we transform our mind through the word of God, we will find that material things lose their excitement and defining moments are fleeting. However, the joy of God’s presence is steadfast despite life’s circumstances. In fact, the goodness of his presence can at times be the only stabilizing force when life seems shaky. And boy…life can get really shaky!

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Excel in Health

Does the thought of work, extracurricular activities, and mundane household chores sound like the story of your life? Similarly, many people use these undertakings as excuses to dismiss the idea of working out altogether. Did you know that thirty minutes a day of moderate exercise (walking briskly, washing windows, & gardening) has been shown to have significant health benefits? Increasing physical activity not only improves our health, but also helps to prevent diseases, disabilities, and advance our overall quality of life.

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Excel in Finance

Here are 7 money mistakes the middle class needs to stop making

  • Racking up too much debt.

    Remember, the average credit card interest rate is now over 15%!

  • Not increasing your retirement amount.

    It’s important to boost your retirement contributions as your income grows.

  • Not Starting a Business.

    Not only do you increase your income and kill the curse of poverty, but also the tax advantages are super and many are not taking advantage of them.

  • Not having an emergency fund.

    Keep an emergency fund stocked with three to six months’ worth of expenses.

  • Delaying your retirement savings.

    Save for retirement as early as possible to put the magic of compound interest on your side.

  • Not updating beneficiary designations.

    Marriage, divorce, or any changes in your family situation are reasons to revisit your beneficiary forms.

  • Spending too much on liabilities and not assets.

    Most middle-class Americans would be better off driving older cars and investing their extra cash into their emergency fund or into starting a business.

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Verse: Luke 16 – Be good stewards

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